Digital Software House Plc (DSH) is a full service application development company specialising in producing applications for mainstream devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile.

The company consists of a core team that include highly skilled developers, designers, marketing and PR consultants, and a strong management team. We develop mobile solutions for organisations seeking to engage customers and add value to their business.



Mobile Application Development

By embracing latest technologies and trends, DSH has fast become one of UK's leading mobile application developers.

We work with a number of organisations to develop mobile solutions that can promote business growth, enhance existing value added services, reach new customers and ensure ROI.



Our aim is to support and guide you so that you can leverage mobile technology.

Whether your organisation is considering building an in-house team, whether you need someone to develop a 'one off', or whether you need someone to manage the full end-to-end process; DSH can assist your organisation during any stage.



Utilising industry best practices and methodologies such as Prince2, we ensure each project is delivered to time, cost and quality.

We assign a Project Manager from the very start, who is ultimately responsible for the successful planning, execution, day-to-day monitoring, control and delivery of each project.


Mobile Advertising
& Marketing

With over 1 million apps predicted to be on sale, we appreciate how critical it is for apps to reach their target audience.

Working with our dedicated Marketing and PR consultants, we can advise you on marketing approaches, app chart positioning and PR strategies to ensure ROI.